Cheryl Preheim sat down with 9NEWS Tech Expert Scott Yates to talk about a new app from a Boulder company helping busy families find, manage, and pay a babysitter.

The app is called "Sitter" and the founders -- Kristen Stiles and Matt Stueve -- say that they designed the app to take all the hassles out of getting someone to watch the kids so that parents can get a night out with confidence.

The usual way of finding a sitter is to ask around among a group of friends and neighbors and then hope to get lucky. This app uses a similar method, but all online. Instead of hoping to run into a sitter at the store, parents can reach out to their social network to find babysitters.

And the babysitters can register on the app, give some references, and then mark themselves as available. If parents can't find a sitter from their social networks they can find one who has registered close by, check references, and then hire them via the app.

Once parents have a group of sitters, they can put out a request for some time and the sitters see the request, and respond if they can do it. In that way, it works like an "Uber for babysitters."

They can also then pay through the app, based on the hours the app tracks with a check-in and check-out. Parents can even reimburse the sitter for pizza or any other expenses.

Colorado Capital Conference

Sitter is one of eight startups that will be pitching at the annual Colorado Capital Conference Wednesday in downtown Denver. In addition to the eight pitches, there will be panel discussions and plenty of opportunity to meet other people in the startup world.

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