A new app can help find and pay for parking downtown as easy as finding a place with avocado toast.

Gary Shapiro sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about Parkifi, the company behind the app.

The way it works is that Parkifi has built sensors about the size of a hockey puck, and installed them in dozens of parking lots downtown. Those pucks know if a spot is full or not, so when you pull up the Parkifi app, you can see where there are spaces. With some lots, you can even pay for the parking right from the app. With that, you can just drive in, park, and then walk away.

This is a great convenience for the people using the app, and makes life a bit better for everyone downtown. Some studies suggest that as much of a third of the traffic in urban centers is just people looking for parking. This app can help relieve that traffic.

That's why Parkifi is working to build a relationship with the city of Denver, so that you could also use the app for metered street parking.

And this company -- based upstairs from The Market in Larimer Square -- is also working to expand around the nation. It will be expanding soon to Nashville, and hopes for more expansion around the country, soon.

The company is a graduate of the Boomtown accelerator. If you want to see some of the companies that will be featured on Tech Tuesday in the months and years to come, you can see them first at the Boomtown Demo Day on Friday.

Boomtown scheduled the Demo Day as part of Boulder Startup Week, one of the earliest versions of a startup week in the country, and still going strong here in its eighth year.

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