Have you ever had a medical question that you needed an answer to, but didn't want to head to the Emergency Room?

"Phone a Nurse" phone systems can work in many situations, but many people, especially millennials, are more comfortable in the world of text messages.

That's what one young doctor realized when he was helping his sister via text messaging. He realized it worked so well that he thought it would be great if all patients and doctors had access to that technology.

Gary Shapiro sat down with 9News technology expert Scott Yates to talk about CirrusMD, the Colorado company that brings modern communication to the healthcare world. The company has signed companies that operate in 44 states, so this technology, and the company, are catching on.

While patients love the technology, it's also great for health systems because people up to 40 percent of the people who use CurrusMD get their questions answered without having to go to the ER, saving money for everyone.