A Louis Vuitton pop-up store in Australia was made in just three weeks with a 3D printer.

There's only three of these 3D printers in the United States, and a company in Louisville owns one.

"Most 3D printers are generally smaller format," Mike Syverson, a Western territory sales representative for Global Imaging, said. "They’re going to be measured in cubic inches or the print size is 12 inches by 14 inches. This one...we’re talking feet."

It's called the Massivit 1800, and it clearly suits the name.

The concept of 3D printing isn't new, but this printer is different because unlike other printers, it uses gel instead of plastic. The gel dries a lot faster, and the speed allows the printer to print two pieces at a time.

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These are some of the pieces the 3D printer made:

Global Imaging hopes the future of 3D printing will be used in the world of advertising.