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Women's temperature data goes digital

A new Boulder county company could fundamentally improve the way women track their own fertility.

KUSA - Taking a patient's temperature is always the first thing a caregiver does when assessing a patient. It's also what many women do when tracking their own fertility.

Amelia Earhart sat down to talk to 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates about a new Boulder county company that could fundamentally improve the way those temperature readings are taken and monitored.

The company is Prima-Temp. The concept driving the company is an internal sensor they call the Priya Ring. This is only for women.

The sensor reads temperature data around the clock, and reports it to a user's mobile device wirelessly.

The company says that this is far more accurate than traditional thermometers because it can accurately show subtle changes over time. That stream of data is crucial for women trying to get pregnant, or avoid pregnancy without using chemicals.

The company's site also has information about other ways that temperature data might be used, including improving chemotherapy, helping with weight loss, improving sleep, and detecting infections acquired in a hospital much earlier than they'd show up using regular thermometers.

To learn more about this company, anyone can hear from the CEO, Lauren Costantini, during a panel discussion today in Longmont, part of the excellent Longmont Startup Week going on through Friday.

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