Getting in and out of the DMV in a matter of minutes sounds impossible, but Arapahoe County just installed new self-service kiosks for people who just need to renew their license plates.

The county clerk and recorder says officials hope the machines will help cut the long lines at the county DMV and AAA offices.

"Colorado has a lot of challenges right now. Counties across the state have very tight budgets - at the same time population is growing by a lot," Matt Crane said, the county clerk and recorder. "For instance in Arapahoe County, our transaction value has grown 30 percent since 2010 while our staffing because of budgetary concerns has only been able to grow four percent."

The county installed the kiosks in February. Officials say more than 2,000 people have used them.

Using the machines is simple. All you have to do is make sure you have your renewal notice.

"The kiosk works if you bring in your renewal card, you can scan the barcode on it or you can put in your license plate information - you can use cash, check, or credit card and walk away with the actual tab for your license plate," Matt Crane said, the county clerk and recorder.

Some specialty plates still have to be renewed at the counter, like veteran and military plates.

Crane says eight states are using the kiosks, including Colorado.