As a way to raise awareness about the dangers of drugged driving, the Colorado Department of Transportation created a giant marijuana joint out of a crashed car as part of their new campaign.

The 28-foot tall 3-D crashed car will be attached to the side of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in downtown Denver.

The billboard features, in addition to the car, text that says "Hits Lead to Hits. Don't Drive High."

The giant joint is part of CDOT's "Dangerous Combinations" campaign, which sends the message that driving while high is dangerous and illegal.

The crew at Next with Kyle Clark decided to find out how much a car-sized joint would actually cost.

Here are their findings. They took the Environmental Protection Agency's average weight of a vehicle, which is 4,079 pounds, and a rough estimated of the cost of marijuana in Denver, which is $160 per half ounce, and did some math.

So how much would it cost?

A joint the size and weight of a car would cost about $19.58 million.