Beacons of hope that will hopefully save you from traffic issues and bad weather are headed to a ski area near you.

Copper Mountain and CDOT just installed several 6 foot tall touchscreens at the ski area.

They're placed in areas where skiers and snowboarders typically begin their journey back home.

People can stop and check road conditions, see live cameras and get a lot more information that could help keep them from sitting in traffic.

"They have so much information on there," Morgan Whitehouse with Copper Mountain said. "If you're looking for a traffic map, actual traffic cameras so you can check it out yourself, news, update on travel conditions, contact information it has everything you could ever need to make an educated decision on your travel plans."

Copper Mountain is one of the first ski area's to use the giant touch-screens.

Several other ski areas are expected to get a few as well.