There are just two weeks left before a solar event that is expected to be the most photographed and shared event in human history.

The August 21 solar eclipse is expected to reset every social media record. This will be the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in nearly a century.

Wyoming and Nebraska are both in the main path.

So many are expected to head north into Wyoming and the state's population could double on that day!

The Colorado Department of Transportation is basically treating the eclipse like a severe snow storm that they have had two months to plan for and they are laying out the best way to get through a possible traffic nightmare of a weekend.

The question is, will people listen?

Jared Fiel, Regional Communication Manager with the Colorado Department of Transportation has been preparing for what some call a once in a lifetime experience that could bring hundreds of thousands to the path of totality.

CDOT is hoping it will not be a chaotic situation.

“Wyoming right now is saying they are going to have double their population maybe even more,” Fiel said.

They anticipate major roadways to be crowded and CDOT says Interstate 25 already sees about 83,000 cars daily.

“We're encouraging people with CSP to make sure they have a lot of fuel in their vehicle bring snacks bring water because you might be out there a while,” Fiel said.

In the middle of the madness, you could meet loads of new people.

“They are saying if you add 600,000 people to Wyoming - let’s say two-thirds are coming from the south part, that's 400,000 people coming on this road over a weekend heading that way," Fiel said. "We've never seen this before.”

CDOT also hopes people find a spot to watch the eclipse in an actual parking space, not on the shoulder of a highway.

“People pull off to the side of the road right when it's happening nothing good can come from that, that's going to cause more headaches and accidents,” Fiel said.

A car idling on the side of the road also doesn't mix well with our current dry conditions.

“This is that time of year when we get wildfires so you toss something like that with an event like this and you have real disaster,” said Fiel.

So they are working with different agencies in the region.

“I-76, Highway 52, 86,287 all of those are going to be packed, it’s going to be crazy,” Fiel said.

There's also a free service for traffic conditions along the I-25 corridor in Weld and Larimer counties that weekend.

Just text the word *eclipse * to 888-777. And as if traffic wasn't going to be bad enough - the same weekend is move-in time for students at CU and CSU.