The Colorado Department of Transportation is ready for the next phase of US 36 toll lanes.

The new lane runs from Table Mesa Road to Louisville.

Currently, drivers can use the express lanes between Table Mesa Road and 88th Street for free, and CDOT will begin charging on March 30.

As for the other toll lanes, CDOT says it has seen increased speeds and more consistent travel times throughout the first phase, which is good news for many people's morning commute.

On one day, CDOT compared speeds from 2011 to 2015 and found speeds were 10 mph faster in 2015 during peak rush hour.

This serves as a reminder to drivers to make sure they have an Express Toll sticker or transponder to travel the entire US 36 toll lane corridor.

The bike lane portion of the new highway will open on March 1, which completes the 18-mike bikeway from Westminster to Table Mesa Drive. Now, cyclists can ride uninterrupted from Boulder to Denver.