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'We’re used to navigating the great arctic': Coloradans emerge after snowstorm

We’ve seen people on skis, on bikes and pushing their cars trying to make it to where they are going.

DENVER — If you ask the same question to different people, you’ll get a million different answers on how to survive the snow.

But Tuesday morning, we all woke up to the same thing: the realization that we have a lot of shoveling to do. 

"Oh my gosh, it was crazy. I got up this morning, got some coffee and looked outside and there was probably 10 inches of snow. Then it just kept going and going," said Kasey Kilpatrick, who ventured through the slick streets to take his daughter to the Nuggets game. "I had to get my push broom out to sweep off my car because there was so much snow. My handheld scraper just wasn’t going to do it."

From walking to driving, to even skiing down the street, Coloradoans emerged from their homes Tuesday evening after the snow trapped them inside for much fo the day. 

"Even in the cold. That’s not stopping me," said Ed Dagan as he went to the Nuggets game. "It’s a little slippery in spots. Not everywhere, but there’s some pretty slippery spots."

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9NEWS asked Denver Public Works (DPW) when we can expect the streets to be cleared. Below are the emailed responses from Heather Burke, a Public Information Specialist with DPW. 

9NEWS: How many plows did you have on the streets today? 

Denver Public Works: Our fleet of 68 plows are addressing the city’s main streets or most streets with stripes. They’ve been out running their routes since snow started to accumulate last night and will continue through the day tomorrow, as long as needed.

In addition, our fleet of 36 smaller, residential plows hit the side streets early this morning. They worked from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. today. The residential plows take a single pass down the side streets to prevent deep rutting and help people access the main streets. They don’t go to bare pavement or drop deicer.

When do you expect to have the side streets plowed?

DPW: The side streets were plowed from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. today.

How long will your plows stay out tonight?

DPW: Our big plows will continue running their routes through the day tomorrow, as long as needed. Check out Denver’s Plow Tracker (www.pocketgov.com/plowtracker) to get a snapshot where crews are working.

Are there any areas that are particularly bad?

DPW:: Last night, we saw heavier snow falling on the west side of Denver, and our drivers also experienced drifting snow in the Green Valley Ranch area, but conditions have now improved.

Is there anything else you’d like us to pass along to people? 

DPWOur crews have been making great progress clearing the streets since the snow stopped falling earlier this afternoon. The street conditions are improving, however, with colder temperatures forecast tonight, people may want to limit unnecessary travel. If they have to go out, take it slow.

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