DENVER — Wednesday morning, crews with Denver Public Works (DPW) were busy paving roadways within the city, but later in the afternoon they were putting plows on their trucks and preparing for snow.

"This is sort of a typical fall for us," said Nancy Kuhn, with DPW. "It's really hot out, the crews are out working and then they come in and transition to snow."

Temperatures reached into the 80s Wednesday but are expected to drop dramatically Thursday with afternoon highs below freezing. We could see a record low Friday morning.

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Snow is also expected for most of the day Thursday, but will likely accumulate on the grassy areas and not the pavement due to the recent warm weather.

"We know we may not get a lot of accumulation, but this is great practice to get us in the swing of this routine where we get ready for snow so we're loading up the plows and have drivers lined up to come in overnight," said Kuhn.

One round of drivers is scheduled to come in around 10 p.m. Wednesday and another group will come in at midnight.

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The city has 68 plows that will work on the main city streets to break down the snow and ice and put down deicer. A fleet of 36 light snowplows is on standby to clear the side streets if necessary.

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