Drivers not paying attention to the road are also too distracted to notice a new warning sign in Arapahoe County.

An Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy disguised as a panhandler, but also holding a cardboard sign that revealed who he is, spent hours Wednesday at busy intersections looking for distracted drivers.

He found plenty.

The operation was part of an effort by the sheriff’s office to educate people about the dangers of driving distracted.

Deputies set up in areas where there have been more complaints and more accidents.

Deputy Pete Tasei spent the day in disguise, while holding a sign that read: “I am not homeless… I don’t need money… ASCO Deputy looking for distracted and texting drivers.”

As Tasei spotted distracted drivers, he radioed to other deputies nearby to pull those drivers over.

"Some of the enforcement education that we handed out today to everybody was worthwhile for them,” said Deputy Tasei. “I'm sure they're not happy with us about the fines or the points, but if it makes them think about it twice later and they don't rear-end somebody and cause a crash or hurt somebody or hurt themselves, then it's worth it."

The traffic officers at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office conduct this kind of operation about once a month.

They have also disguised deputies as construction workers in construction zones.

During that sting, they handed out about 100 careless driving tickets in a 10-hour period.