Many of us at 9NEWS and in Denver will remember Adele Arakawa for her incredible devotion to the highest journalistic standards as she guided us as a community through times both good and bad.

Of course, there’s another part of her legacy, and that, of course, is being the (somewhat) bossy voice you hear on the train at Denver International Airport warning you that the doors are closing.

But, now that Adele has retired, DIA is hoping that someone else can say “YOU are delaying the departure of this train” – and they’re hosting an open competition … that is, if you’re already a local celebrity.

Here’s the deal: DIA wants to replace Adele and former Coors Field announcer and broadcaster Alan Roach as the go-to train voices.

So, they’re hosting a competition among local television and radio personalities in hopes of picking one man and one woman to be the new train voices.

To audition, people need to submit a recording reading the following phrases that any traveler will likely recognize:

“Hello, and welcome to Denver International Airport.”
“Board here for all ‘A, B and C Gates”
“The doors are closing, please keep clear and hold on for departure to all A gates”
“Please hold on, we are approaching the station for all A gates”
“A train is arriving. Please keep clear and hold on for departure to all B gates”
“Board here for all A gates, terminal, ground transportation and baggage claim”
“This is the terminal. All passengers please exit and follow signs to ground transportation and baggage claim”

The competition is open to full-time anchors and reporters in Denver who have spent at least 7 years in the Mile High City. And heads up, humble folks in broadcast media: you can’t nominate yourself. Your management team has to nominate you instead.


UPDATE: Alan Roach is not buying what DIA is selling.

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