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Colorado company creates alcohol-detecting technology

"Our goal is to try and make a better environment and help families and individuals that are struggling with alcohol."

DENVER — SOBRSafe has been working to find solutions to cut down on driving while impaired.

The Colorado-based company's first technology is a stationary alcohol detection device that will scan your hand and measure the amount of ethanol emitting from your skin. 

This device is mostly used by oil and gas companies, fleet drivers or machine operators. 

"You walk in, and you put your hand in the device. This automatically logs and timestamps who you are, where you were, when you come in and come out," said SOBRSafe CEO David Gandini. 

The newest technology is a wristband, that looks like a fitness band. Both products have the same capabilities, but the difference is the wristband will be monitoring for alcohol 24/7 and it's connected to your phone. 

“If there’s an issue, this will turn the sober light red," Gandini said. "If I take the band off it will also say that I’m not connected. That is messaged to the administrator or the administrator for this product. “It’s really basic in terms of, alcohol or no alcohol." 

The app will show the alcohol reading, and well as the person's exact location. The administrator will be alerted if the device has been taken off or if the person has alcohol in their system. 

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Gandini wants this product to be to be a game-changer for parents, employers as well as rehabilitation facilities to track people in recovery or those operating company equipment. 

“Our goal is to try and make a better environment and help families and individuals that are struggling with alcohol," Gandini said.

This wristband was released August 1, just before the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer comes to an end. CDOT says this is period between Memorial Day and Labor Day that sees a spike in impaired driving. According to CDOT, last year 745 people died in 2022 and almost 40 percent of the incidents involved impaired driving. 

SOBRSafe has also partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to promote the product to parents with teens. 

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