At this point, things are business as usual at Denver International Airport Wednesday despite a strike involving scores of behind-the-scenes employees.

Despite earlier reports saying delays are a possibility, DIA spokesperson Heath Montgomery says “we are not seeing any operation impacts to the airport or the airlines this afternoon.”

He said some people associated with the strike were in the terminal for a couple of hours.

The strike involves employees for three DIA contractors who say they’re being mistreated.

They're complaining of unaddressed health and safety issues as well as low pay.

This prompted workers who handle bags, wheelchair services and the people who clean United's planes to protest.

Employees for AirServ, PrimeFlight and G2 say those companies have refused to meet with them on a number of issues.

AirServ and G2 handle baggage and wheelchair services.

PrimeFlight cleans United Airlines cabins in Denver.

We've tried to get in touch with those three companies, none have responded.

This is part of a larger movement of protests happening at LaGuardia, JFK, Newark and Philadelphia as well.

Contract talks are underway at those locations.