DENVER — The construction project in Denver International Airport’s Great Hall is now estimated to be two-and-a-half years behind schedule – and the developer said if permits aren’t issued smoothly from here on out, that delay could be more than three years.

This comes after a report was released by Great Hall Partners listing the completion date as May 2024, instead of the initial goal of November 2021.

Concerns the concrete floor of the Great Hall wouldn’t be strong enough to hold construction equipment stalled the project. After testing, the engineers the city hired have since said the floor can support that work.

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An airport spokesperson expressed disappointment with the delays and said DIA is negotiating to find a solution.

DIA should know how this will impact the budget later this summer.

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The project was budgeted to cost $650 million, and is part of a $1.8 billion overhaul.

Denver City Council signed a 34-year contract with the private company in August 2017.

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