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Hiker dies after fall near summit of South Boulder Peak

The hiker fell about 30 feet while trying to help his partner during a thunderstorm.

BOULDER, Colo. —

A man has died after falling during a hike near the summit of South Boulder Peak.

According to a release from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, the agency was notified just after 7 p.m. Wednesday of two hikers who were stranded near the summit of South Boulder Peak during a thunderstorm.

The release said when search and rescue crews got there, a 19-year-old woman indicated the rocks near the summit were slippery from the rain and that she and her hiking partner, a 23-year-old man, were having trouble going down the summit.

The woman sustained serious, but not life-threatening, injuries after falling during their descent, according to the release. The man tried to come to her aid, but fell about 30 feet while trying to reach her and suffered a serious head injury.

A Flight for Life Colorado helicopter landed near the hikers after finding a small clearing, the release said, and the man was rescued and taken to the hospital. The woman was then flown to the hospital after the helicopter returned.

The man later died of his injuries, according to the release. 

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Rocky Mountain Fire, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group and City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks also helped with the rescue effort, according to the release. The entire operation took about 10 hours to complete.

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