By end of next week, you will have more parking options at Denver International Airport.

The airport is opening up another parking garage with 1,821 spaces.

You may have seen it under construction on the east side of the terminal.

With the opening of this garage, the airport will have 44,000 public parking spaces available to travelers.

“You come out here in the middle of the week when all those people are traveling for business and it’s hard to find a garage spot, so this is going to relieve some of that pressure for us,” said DIA spokesperson Heath Montgomery.

There are also six free electric charging stations in the new garage.

The garage is a $45 million project.

The money does not come from taxpayers -- it comes from the DEN Capital Improvement Program.

The airport uses the revenue it collects from things like concessions, rental cars and parking fees to reinvest in its infrastructure and keep up growing airport needs.

Montgomery says garage parking is always in high demand, but there are now other options they’ve added through the years to make the trip to DEN more convenient.

“One thing we hear from our passengers is that not only do we want more parking but a diversity of options,” he said. “Parking is one component of the overall. We know there are still a lot of people that drive and park at the airport, that’s what this {the new garage} is designed to do. But there are other options we’ve added, Uber and Lift, also the RTD A-line to downtown.”