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'I really thought we were on fire': Plane with mechanical issue lands at DIA

A Denver International Airport spokesperson said no injuries were reported.

DENVER — A plane had a mechanical issue after it landed at Denver International Airport (DIA) on Sunday evening closing a runway. 

Emily Williams, a spokesperson for DIA, said United Flight 2429 was a scheduled flight from Newark to Denver. It landed just after 7 p.m., she said, but could not specify what the mechanical issue was. 

"They said 'prepare for landing', and we hit the ground and sparks started flying out the left side of the plane," said Karen Daley. "He [her husband] thought we just blew a tire, but here, the whole landing gear collapsed."

She and her husband Dan were on the flight and said it was a pretty uneventful flight until the very end.

"Oh, I really thought we were on fire," said Karen Daley. "I saw the sparks and I thought for sure we were on fire."

"There was a really big bang when we hit and then the plane listed to the left because that's the side it happened on," said Dan Daley.  "We were actually resting on the engine."

The couple said the pilots and other airline staff did a great job keeping everyone calm after the incident. They said everyone had to evacuate the plane on the tarmac using stairs and then got on shuttle buses and were taken back to the terminal.

"You could tell they must be well trained," said Dan Daley. "Everything went like clockwork, nobody was panicky."

Williams said no injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for United Airlines said the aircraft was taken out of service and is being inspected by maintenance teams.

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