The agency charged with screening passengers before flights isn’t saying much about how it drastically improved wait times at the nation’s airports ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend.

In a statement to 9NEWS, the agency said a new incident command center helped reduce wait times, which averaged 10 minutes across all airports this weekend, according to the agency. The longest was an hour and 15 minutes in Kansas City.

It was a far cry from some reports of up to three hours in the months leading up to the unofficial start of summer.

“It’s like they waved a magic wand and went from a three-hour wait to a 15-minute wait,” said Jeff Price, a TSA expert and professor at Metro State University.

So... what un-broke the TSA?

Price said he expects the agency moved more behavior protection officers to the travel document screening area. He also said more dogs near the checkpoint likely allowed the agency to funnel more passengers through.

Price also said the agency was likely able to authorize more overtime and give more local managers scrutiny over scheduling.

He was, however, unable to say whether the agency will be able to maintain the changes as months go on.

Price believes the change came quickly because of pressure from the airline industry.