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You can fly out of LAX with marijuana...kind of

You know you can't fly out of DIA with marijuana but the newly posted marijuana policy at LAX makes it seem like you can leave LA with weed. It's not quite that simple though.

KUSA — Since recreational marijuana was legalized for consumption in California, the Los Angeles International Airport or LAX has adopted a policy that allows people to bring pot into the airport. It's similar to airports in Seattle, Boston, and Portland.

This differs from Denver because when Colorado legalized weed, Denver International Airport made it illegal for people to bring any marijuana onto airport premises. If someone has it, Denver police will usually ask them to throw it away.

But here's why the LAX policy isn't exactly cut and dry.

  • Transportation Security Administration officers aren't specifically looking for marijuana, but if they flag a bag in the security line for something else, and end up finding marijuana, they still have to call LA airport police since the drug is still federally illegal, and they are a federal agency.
  • LA police will inspect it, and if a person has the amount that's legally allowed, they'll say there is no crime.
  • TSA says if law enforcement says there is no crime, they'll let travelers through.
  • LA police are not saying people can fly with marijuana. They put that responsibility back on the TSA.
  • But TSA says it's law enforcement's discretion if the passenger is allowed to travel with marijuana since they can't enforce laws as a security agency

So can you fly with marijuana in some places? The law is murky, and technically while you are flying, you are violating federal law and some state laws if the marijuana is with you in the air.

TSA is a federal agency, but police in LA, Seattle, Boston, and Portland are enforcing state law.