And this Wednesday's "Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today" is the annual snow removal on Trail Ridge Road.

It's the place where winter takes a stand in our state.

Fritz Prehn, a PhD student at the Colorado School of Mines, gave us an aerial look at the 2016 plowing operation with photos he took during a mountain flight lesson.

A Rocky Mountain National Park spokesperson says the plow driver is up to his eyeballs in snow. Drifts are up to 22 feet tall.

Plowing started two weeks ago. One crew starts in the East near Estes. The other starts in the West near Grand Lake. They meet in the middle, usually some time before Memorial Day weekend, once crews have cleared the highest continuous paved road in America, which National Park Colorado calls the highway to the sky.

The road reaches an elevation of 12,183 feet and 11 miles of it are above tree line at 11,500 feet. Trail Ridge Road stretches across 48 miles.

The park closed the road in October.