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Halloween weather can get scary in Denver

The weather on Halloween can be downright scary. But in Denver, that usually means cold and wind--not snow.

DENVER — Don’t let the weather in October freak you out. It can go from summer to winter in a flash. And that includes the last day of the month, Halloween, which has seen the gambit of weather conditions historically.

The average high temperature in Denver on Halloween is 57.2 degrees. 

The coldest Halloween temp was 7 degrees. That happened just two years ago, in 2019.

It has dropped below freezing on Halloween each of the last four years in Denver.

There have also been plenty of warm years. Halloween 2016 topped out at a record-breaking 79 degrees.

Snow is often a threat on the Front Range as Halloween draws near, but it rarely hits the day of Halloween.

Denver has had snow accumulation on Halloween only 16 times in 139 years – 12% of the time. The last time there was measurable snow was in 2002.

There have been several years, though, where there was a snow mix, or just not enough snow to get a measurement--like 2018, for example. 

And when it does snow, it’s usually not much. Out of those 16 snowy Halloweens, only four of them saw more than 3 inches of snow. 

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This year, a winter storm is forecast to move toward Colorado on Halloween. There’s even a slight chance it will bring the first snow accumulation of the season to places like Denver and Fort Collins.

But for now, the models are keeping the rain and snow chances low in the Denver area, with lots of wind and cooler temperatures.

The snowiest part of the system, which may actually be a separate surge of polar air, is forecast to move in just after Halloween night, in the first few days of November.

That would mean Halloween would be cool and breezy, with temperatures in the middle to upper 40s at sunset. For now, snow accumulation is not likely in Denver, but we'll have to wait to see how that storm system develops in the next couple of days. 

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