At Dillon Towing in Silverthorne, the snow is falling.

So Seth Dobson and other tow truck drivers are gearing up for a couple of busy days on mountain roads.

“With the snow coming down and people getting into trouble, it’s booming,” said Dobson.

With three feet of snow in two weeks, their impound lot is already filled with wrecked windshields, broken bumpers and general car carnage from the more than 80 calls a day they can receive on bad weather days. Many of which involve accidents that drivers like Dobson say can be avoided.

“Probably going too fast or nor adjusting to the conditions as they change,” said Dobson.

His winter driving tips start with good all-weather tires, that may cost more but are cheaper than a wreck.

“It’s not worth it. If you think you're saving money, it’s not worth the heartache,” Dobson said.

When the snow starts speeding up, he says drivers should slow down and be ready for fast-changing road conditions.

“Come out of a worse patch, think you’re good and there’s still ice. That’s where people tend to make the mistake,” said Dobson.

These are all ways to avoid snowy smash-ups, because Dobson says for as nice as he and the drivers are, there’s no need to meet them this winter.

“We’re nice guys but you don’t want to meet us,” said Dobson.