Several trailers were toppled near Wiggins Saturday afternoon after the National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado had touched down in the area.

At least a dozen trailers were knocked over near Empire Reservoir which is about 14 miles from Wiggins. There were lots of trees down and branches strewn about.

"It lasted about 10 minutes I would say. It was pretty scary. My daughter she was crying. Camper was moving," said a man named Justin. "It felt like it was going to get picked up and thrown into the lake because we werre right on the edge of it."

Justin and dozens of others were hanging out near the lake on private property. Many of them were in the campers.

"This is a private lake and we all kind of come out for the weekends and hang out and boat," he said. "It's crazy to think that the family that was in that camper when it got flipped up on its roof didn't get more injuries."

Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone say there were minor injuries, but everyone who was hurt refused medical treatment.

"I was worried about these three children right here. The sun was out eveyrthing was beautiful," said Jeanne Welham. "Within a split second, we were in a fifth wheel, huddled together, and I mean, there was nothing you could do."

Both Jeanne and Justin were dealing with something they didn't even know at first it was a tornado.

"We had no idea it was a tornado. We had no idea it was a tornado," Jeanne said. "We prayed and we were grateful that the weather was not so good this weekend because I'm afraid that if everybody wouldv'e been here lives would've been lost."