At the Winter Park Ski Area Robert Newberry and his snow removal crew have had to fire up and bring out their big front end loader with a 17 foot blade often over the last month.

“It’s probably the most important machine we have because of the volume of snow we can move,” said Newberry.

That one piece of equipment ran for more than 100 hours in the last 2 weeks, thanks to a month for snowfall that Winter Park Director of Communications Steve Hurlbert says was historic.

“Wow! Low and behold 101 inches for the month is extraordinary,”’ said Hurlbert.

That’s about 8.5 feet all falling in March alone. That makes it one of the biggest March snowfall amounts on record.

“The second snowiest March in recorded history at Winter Park which is just incredible,” said Hurlbert.

Snow that came just in time to give the ski area’s business a big lift as thousands of spring break skiers arrived,.

"They have great conditions. It’s a little warmer and they get the powder and they love and it keeps them coming back,” said Hurlbert.

Enough has piled up that Winter Park was able to extend the season at Mary Jane into May, which doesn’t happen often.

“We aren’t closing it until May 7 which is only the second time since Jane has been around in 40 years that she has been open into May,” said Hurlbert.

Plus there’s another traditionally snowy month still to come which should keep Robert and his snow removal team rolling well into April, and beyond.

“We go right into May sometimes with snow removal,” said Newberry.