At least 5 people were hurt and structures were damaged after several tornadoes touched down in Yuma County Saturday around 6 p.m. according to the sheriff's office.

Ana Baucke, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office, says the path of destruction is a half mile wide and 6 miles long. She says 5 people have been injured, but their injuries are minor.

The tornado touched down near Highway 385 at County Road 37 and followed 385 north to County Road 42 and took a northeast curve for just about mile.

Structures, both homes and businesses, have been damaged, with the most significant damage reported in northeast Yuma County. At this time, they're still assessing the damage and aren't sure if any buildings were destroyed.

Highway 385 out of Wray is closed because there is debris on the roadway. There are also loose livestock in the area.