A 9NEWS crew in Houston, helping our partners at KHOU with extended Harvey coverage, spent Monday afternoon boating through floodwaters, checking on houses and stranded cars.

Noel Brennan and photojournalist Adam Vance were on board a small boat with some local Houston residents. The men on the boat were checking a Houston neighborhood's streets for any signs of stranded residents.

The previous day, the men said they had rescued 30 or 40 people, many at a condominium complex.

They checked abandoned cars, blew on a whistle to alert homeowners to their presence, and knocked on doors to see if anyone was home and in distress near the Briarforest area of Houston.

The Houston Fire Department was nearby to assist in some areas. In others, the men just pointed their boat towards the highest water and looked to see if there was anyone in need.

Some residents said they planned to wait out more rain in their homes.

All of this unfolded live on television in Houston and via Facebook livestream at 9NEWS.

Eventually, the crew found a husband and wife who needed rescue from their flooded home. They helped the couple, and their dogs, Odie and Lulu, get on the boat and to safety.

WATCH the Facebook livestream in full here:

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