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Brush airport damaged by possible tornado

Senator Cory Gardner had to take cover when the suspected tornado touched down in Brush on Sunday.

BRUSH — Three tornadoes touched down in northeastern Colorado Sunday afternoon.

One in Weld County and two in Morgan County. Residents in Brush believe that tornado hit their town, although the National Weather Service still needs to confirm whether it was indeed a tornado or just strong winds.

"My phone went off, it went off a couple times next thing I know trees are blowin over everything is just gone," said Brush resident Kristina Wilson.

Several planes flipped and several buildings damaged or destroyed including a hangar at the airport. Power was knocked out to about 2,000 people. No injuries or deaths were reported.

Rick Bain, the mayor of Brush said he believes this is the worst damage in the town but authorities are still looking at exactly how many buildings were hit. Bain saw his plane get damaged by the storm.

"Amazing community out here, always willing to pitch in and help. We'll get through this," said Mayor Bain. "Figure out what we have to collect and what we have to fix and move forward."

Senator Cory Gardner lives on the eastern plains and was on his way back to his home from Denver when the storm hit Sunday. He had to take cover.

"When you learn when the temperature drops, you feel the cold wind you see the clouds turn green just kind of stop and take cover, don't go any further and that's exactly what we did," said Sen Gardner. " I was not expecting that we would actually see the damage done by, maybe this was just a microburst, but it's a big enough path it certainly looks like a tornado of some type went through."

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