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17 funny and all too real tweets about this epic Colorado snow storm

The snowstorm was late to the party, but when it showed up, it made its presence known.

DENVER — After a false start, that big storm did arrive in Denver after all -- in fact, it's the second snowiest in March history. 

And if there's one thing that Coloradans love, it's snow ... and talking about weather. Luckily, Twitter exists for that very purpose (and other, less pure things), so here's a roundup of some of the best tweets about this unforgettable Colorado snowstorm. 

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 > The video above is from Steve Staeger's social media forecast. While he predicted a high chance of outrage, these tweets are nothing more than delightful. 

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Thoughts on that forecast ...

The snow started a little bit later than we were talking about earlier in the week. I think we can all agree that it started, but people on Twitter have jokes. 

In classic style, Denver snow shut down all the haters. 

You gotta make the Hoth joke! 

Honestly, it's not a Denver snowstorm without a little bit of "Empire Strikes Back" action. 

This WAS an epic storm though. 

Take this photo, for instance. 

And this photo that, if the view out our windows wasn't enough, persuaded us to stay the hell off the roads. 

When it snows, the midwesterners reveal themselves. 

Like this guy who had a "beach" vacation in Wisconsin. 

And this guy, who wanted to see if the Midwest blood stays warm at elevation. 

The Coloradans, meanwhile, knew how the prepare. 

Stock up on the Coors -- it's got more than one purpose! 

There's that other Colorado thing too ... 

And sometimes you just have to buckle down and enjoy the snow ... er, show. 

Like Georgetown's mayor, who mixed important city snow inspection business with fun. 

And Tom Green, who was Tom Green. 

Meanwhile, these heroes took their snowmobiles downtown, because why not? 

You don't need to touch the hellscape which is Interstate 70 when there's this much snow in the city. 

That's especially true if you've got a cooperative dog. 

Because honestly, would we rather live anywhere else?