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Comparing London's historic heat to Denver and Colorado

London hit 104 degrees on Tuesday. That'd be roughly equal to Denver hitting 110 degrees.

LONDON, UK — Temperatures in London soared to a record-smashing 40.2 degrees Celsius, or about 104 degrees Fahrenheit, on Tuesday. At least 29 different places in the U.K. broke the country's previous all-time hottest temperature recorded, an indication of just how exceptionally hot it got in the U.K. on Tuesday.

So what would that type of heat wave look like in Denver and in Colorado, for context?

Denver's hottest temperature on record, last set in 2018, is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. London, meanwhile, hit 104 degrees on Tuesday, breaking its previous all-time record of about 100 degrees. 

There's no perfect way to compare what a London-like heat wave would look like in Denver or across Colorado, due to different latitudes, altitudes, and climates, but here's an idea of what it could look like. 

London hitting 104 degrees would be roughly equivalent to Denver hitting 110 degrees, based on long-term temperature averages and previous heat waves.

Credit: KUSA

Here's another way to think about it: London's average mid-July high temperature is in the mid-70s. Crested Butte's average high is also in the mid-70s.

While it's not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison due to Colorado's dry airmass (it's easier to have extreme temperatures in dry weather compared to a more humid airmass, like the United Kingdom), it's safe to say that it would lead to really hot temperatures for places that just aren't used to this type of heat.

A U.K.-like heat wave might be something like Crested Butte or Aspen hitting 95 degrees. Crested Butte's hottest temperature on record, by the way, is 91 degrees, set in 1936.

While Denver and much of Colorado swelters in one of our hottest summers in recent memory, at the very least, it's not quite as hot as what the United Kingdom experienced on Tuesday.

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