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Crazy videos show just how strong Tuesday's winds were

Winds topped 50 miles per hour in Denver Tuesday.
Credit: Patty Gilbert
High winds knocked down a tree in Westminster.

KUSA — Wind gusts topped 50 miles per hour in Denver Tuesday afternoon – and reached 69 mph in Boulder and 83 mph near Highway 93, the National Weather Service tweeted.

This meant downed power lines, trees and traffic lights in Boulder, toppled semi-trucks and wildfires throughout the Front Range.

Numerous 9NEWS viewers and public officials caught Tuesday’s wind on camera. Here are some of the craziest things they saw. (App or Facebook users tap here to see the videos.)

Do you have a wind video? Share it with us using yourtake.9news.com.

Runaway Porta-Potty

Viewer Meg S. spotted a runaway Porta-Potty at her neighborhood in Berthoud.

Dust storms off major roads

A 9NEWS viewer spotted a dust storm off 104th Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

Waves breaking at Standley Lake

A 9NEWS viewer says he spotted waves breaking at Standley Lake Tuesday afternoon.

Part of DCPA roof hits truck

Alli Lacey took this video showing what looks like a large chunck of the DCPA roof breaking off and hitting a truck parked below.

Construction crane swaying

Jon Liu captured this crane swaying and spinning while trying to brace against the force of the wind.

Patio furniture tossed into apartment complex pool

Brooke Smith was just trying to snap a selfie, but the wind made things just a tad difficult.

Large tree uprooted in Washington Park

Mason Miller watched as a tree broke through the ground and toppled over in Wash Park.

Fallen trees at Front Range Community College

Tyler Orcutt shot this video of trees on their sides at Front Range Community College.

Aerial view of dust storm over DIA

Bailey Elise McBride had a great view of a dust storm over DIA from the window seat on her flight, which was diverted as a result of the high winds.

Waves crash on the shores of Coot Lake

The intense winds were making waves Tuesday at Coot Lake in Boulder County. Casey Sanders caught it on video.

Geese struggle to get around

Carlos Jaimes spotted these geese having a difficult time getting around during the stretch of intense winds.

Doggo isn't fazed by the weather

9NEWS viewer Amber sent in this video of her pup, Roxy, casually stepping out to get a breath of fresh air.

Man tries really hard to stay hydrated

Daniel Melia attempted (and failed) to drink from a water bottle in Tuesday's high winds.

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