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These were Denver's biggest November snowstorms

Denver's three biggest November snowstorms were also some of Denver's biggest snowstorms ever (on record, anyway).

DENVER — Denver is about to get a snowy smackdown.

As of late Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service (NWS) said Denver could get more than a foot of snow in a “significant” winter storm that will begin at night and last through Tuesday. 9NEWS Chief Meteorologist Kathy Sabine is forecasting 7 inches for Denver.

Even if Denver gets the NWS maximum prediction of 18 inches, the snowfall accumulation wouldn’t touch Denver’s biggest November snowfall accumulations on record:

10. Nov. 20, 1956: 12.8 inches

9. Nov. 23, 1931: 13.2 inches

8. Nov. 20, 1930: 13.6 inches

7. Nov. 13, 1922: 14.1 inches

6. Nov. 1, 1972: 15.3 inches

5: Nov. 30, 1928: 15.5 inches 

4. Nov. 18, 1991: 16.2 inches

3. Nov. 21, 1979: 17.7 inches 

2. Nov. 28, 1983: 21.5 inches

1. Nov. 4, 1946: 30.4 inches

Do you have any pictures from any of these snowstorms? Send them my way! erin.powell@9news.com.

The top three on this list also rank on the list of Denver’s biggest ever snowstorms on record, according to NWS data.

November can also claim Denver’s latest seasonal snowfall on record. It happened Nov. 21, 1934. The latest seasonal freeze on record happened on Nov. 5, 1944.

Skies will be clear on Thanksgiving Day 2019 after this storm moves out of Colorado. But temperatures will be chilly, topping out in the upper 30s.

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Denver’s warmest Thanksgiving on record was in 1909. The high on Nov. 25, 1909, was 73 degrees, according to NWS.

Two Thanksgivings in Denver history could arguably be considered coldest. The high on Nov. 29, 1877, was -16 degrees, and the low was -18. The high on Nov. 27, 1919, was -1 degree, but the low was only -5.

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