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The most extreme weather in Denver Broncos history

The Broncos have played in temperatures as cold as 0 degrees and as hot as 103 degrees - and of course, tons of snow as well.

DENVER — If you're a sports team from Colorado and you play your games outdoors during the fall and winter, you're probably going to experience everything Mother Nature has to offer.

And over the course of 60-plus years, the Denver Broncos have certainly experienced their fair share of weather-driven chills and thrills.

Let's start with the coldest games in Broncos history, and there's plenty of competition here - as you probably expected.

Now, for starters, the lists below includes all Broncos games - home and away. The coldest home game in Broncos history was a December 10, 1972 game at the old Mile High against the Chargers - a game the Broncos went on to win 38-13 despite the bitter cold.

Credit: KUSA

Flip things over to the hottest games in Broncos history, and you've got plenty of heat to pick from as well.

The hottest game overall came in a September 2001 road game in Arizona, when the Broncos played during a 103 game time temperature. The Broncos still won despite the high heat, beating future quarterback Jake Plummer in the process.

The hottest home game in Broncos history is one you'll probably remember: A September 2018 last-second 20-19 win against the rival Raiders, which featured a Brandon McManus field goal with just seconds to go to earn the W.

Credit: KUSA

But a lot of you probably want to know what the snowiest game in Broncos history is. While it's hard to gauge the exact snowiest game in Broncos history - they don't take snow measurements on the sidelines - we have a pretty good idea for what the snowiest game in Bronco history actually is.

Long-time fans might remember the so-called "Bronco Blizzard" on October 15, 1984 - an epic, snowy duel between the Broncos and Packers at the old Mile High Stadium.

Several inches of snow fell during the game, creating some extra shenanigans. The Packers fumbled both of their first two plays from scrimmage - and the Broncos returned both of those fumbles for touchdowns. As a result, the Broncos went up 14-0 less than 40 seconds into the game.

Despite the huge early advantage (and three more Packers turnovers!), the Broncos barely hung on for a 17-14 win.

Of course, there are plenty of other Broncos snow games, but the Bronco Blizzard still takes the cake as the snowiest game in Broncos history in our book.

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