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Two years ago, it was 31 degrees and snowing in Denver

After six heat records were broken in the last three days, there have now been a record number of records in 2022.

DENVER — The lowest temperature in Denver on Thursday morning was 70 degrees. That is a new record. Its also the first September day in Denver history where the temperature didn't drop below 70. 

It won't be official until after midnight on Thursday, but the temperature is not forecast to drop below 70 degrees by then. 

The high temperature of 99 degrees also broke a record on Thursday afternoon. So that’s six heat records set in Denver in just three days.

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So, there have now been a record number of records in 2022, according to a database from the National Weather Service in Boulder. 

Twenty-five heat records have been set since Jan. 1, topping the 20 heat records that were broken in 2012.

Credit: KUSA

It also marks the seventh consecutive month in Denver where at least one heat record was broken. It started on March 2, when the high temperature tied the daily record of 74 degrees.

Two records were broken in April, two in May, three in June, five in July, and six in August. Only five cold records were broken in 2022, the least since 2018.

Credit: Mark Curtis
Sept. 8, 2020 snow.

Sept. 8 Comparison

This was the hottest Sept. 8 in Denver history, but let's not forget that the coldest September 8th in history was just two years ago.

The temperature in 2020 dropped from 101 degrees to 31 in three days and Denver got its second earliest snowfall in history.

Those big storm systems following extreme heat in September are actually quite common. We’re even going to get one this year, although the bulk of this storm will miss Colorado by a few hundred miles.

Still expect about a 50-degree temperature drop from 99 degrees on Thursday down to just 49 degrees by Saturday morning. Nowhere near a record temperature swing, but still impressive and mostly welcome on the sizzling Front Range.

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