We are used to extreme weather in Colorado but the spring hail storm that raged through Colorado left some large reminders of its power. 

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Here are some of the largest hail balls we've seen so far: 

Brooklyn Way - Highlands

Terry Tones - Edgewater

Hail in Highlands, Brooke Way
Hail in Highlands, Brooke Way

Jordan Ridge - Belmar

Hail in Edgewater, Terry Torres
Hail in Edgewater, Terry Torres

Daze Martinez - Arvada

Hail in Belmar, Jordan Ridgeley

Michael Haring - Green Mountain

<p>Hail damage in Arvada, Daze Martinez </p>

Ryan Campagnola - Lakewood

Hail on Green Mountain, Michael Haring

Eric Schwab - Lakewood

Hail in Lakewood, Ryan Campagnola

Patti Dennis - Littleton

Hail at Denver Federal Center, Eric Schwab

Eric Kehe - Golden

<p>Hail in Wadsworth and Kipling, Patti Dennis</p>

Melissa Coleman legs (photographed below) show how painful it can be when you are hit with large hail. 

<p>Hail in Golden, Eric Kehe</p>

Stay safe and keep your pets inside. More photos from Monday's spring storm: