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It was 60 degrees on Sunday and people in Elizabeth are still digging themselves out after the bomb cyclone

In Elbert County, high winds created tall snowdrifts that even Sunday's warmer weather still couldn't melt all the way.

ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. — The sun was shining in Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon, and one of the few remaining signs of Wednesday's record-setting blizzard were the occasional abandoned cars on the side of the road. 

But even though a lot of the snow has melted, Suzy MacKenzie is still digging out the snowdrifts on the side of of her barn at Eagle's Nest Ranch

"We got hit pretty well with the cyclone bomb blizzard," she said. 

For the last three days, MacKenzie has been digging to get into the barn, and to make sure her 10 horses have access to drinking water. 

It's a lot for the three women who run the non-profit. Their horses help heal people with invisible wounds like PTSD and depression. 

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"We're in the business of helping people that's for sure," she said. 

And now they need the community's help. 

 "Who knew on spring break you'd learn something about diggin' trenches?" said Jen Zander to her daughters. 

Even as the snow melts, the water becomes a new problem for ranchers. 

"That's bad for their feet to be standing in the mud and the water over long periods of time," said MacKenzie. 

The County Emergency was lifted on Saturday night, and Elbert County Road and Bridge is taking a much needed break on Sunday until they are back at it on Monday morning.  

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