The full weight of the effects from last week's massive hail storm are still emerging, but it's clear the damage will be felt for months and remembered for years.

Several repair shops are backlogged into the summer.

"Personally, we've been handling close to 5,000 cars through our center," said Chris Hudson with Rickenbaugh Collision Repair Center.

"The average ticket we are seeing is $7,000 to $10,000," he told 9NEWS.

Repair crews say there's no way around it. Some people will have to wait months before their car is fixed from the hail storm. It's the same story at different auto repair shops around the city.

State Farm alone is processing more than 19,000 damaged car claims and nearly 7,000 homeowners claims in Colorado. Factor in all the other insurance companies, and the back up will last well into the summer.

What's worse is the size of the hail last week means many cars can't be driven.

"Roof replacement, hood replacement, trunk replacement," Hudson said, running through some of the damage he's seeing.

"We are in a very volatile weather pattern," said Carol Walker, the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Walker said the home and car insurance rates are going up across the country.

"In Colorado, we are on the worst end of that," Walker said.

It's not because of last week's storm, but severe hail damage is part of a larger trend after years of record breaking hail storms, catastrophic wildfires and a growing population.

"We are seeing them rise higher than the rest of the nation because we are in this perfect storm, collision course, all of these different risk factors," Walker said.

Storms like this can be a wake up call to find out what your insurance covers because it's too late to ask after the damage is done.