DENVER, Colorado — Denver topped out at 83 degrees Wednesday afternoon at Denver International Airport (DIA).  The question is now, how low will we go?

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Let's say we get down to a forecasted 34 degrees at midnight Wednesday. 

That gives us a 1-day temperature swing of 49 degrees. That won't make it into the top 20, but it would be one of the biggest swings for October.

1-day temperature swing records
1-day temperature swing records (from midnight to midnight)

Why is it a 1-day change and not a 24-hour change?

The National Weather Service keeps temperature records from midnight to midnight. We only started recording hourly temperatures in Denver in 1994, so we don't really know what time of day our previous high temperatures occurred. Maybe when we get up to 30 years of climate data with the new system, we might be able to create a new 24-hour category.

Next Question: What was the biggest 24-hour temperature swing in Denver history?

There are also records for 2-day swings. That more accurately shows the impact of a winter storm, because it usually takes longer than 24 hours from the point the storm hits to the point it delivers its lowest temperature. 

If we go from that high of 83 Wednesday, and take the temperature down to 6 a.m. Friday morning, where the current forecast is a low of 13 degrees – we get a 70-degree mood swing. 

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That would be the biggest 2-day change ever recorded in October, and it would tie for second all-time in Denver.

2-day temperature swing records

It would just beat out the December 8, 2013 record. 

The cold snap lasted a few days, right into Bronco Sunday. A game-time temp of 18 degrees at Mile High didn't stop the Broncos from blasting the Titans. It was down to 14 degrees when Matt Prater kicked an NFL record-tying 64-yard field goal.

Coincidentally, the Titans are coming back to town this Sunday following a record temperature swing. It should be about 70 degrees at kickoff this time around.

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