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Snow Blog: Weather pattern finally flips, but will it bring the first snow to Denver?

Denver will get two or three chances at the first snow of the season over the next seven days.
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COLORADO, USA — November went into the record books as one of the warmest and driest for the state of Colorado, and the first two days of December followed suit, at least in the eastern part of the state. 

But the madness is finally over... when it comes to record temperatures. Several cold fronts are moving in, starting Sunday, and the 70's are gone from the forecast. 

The snowless madness in Denver may even come to an end, but the precipitation chances are not as great as the outlook for cooler temps. 

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DEC. 5 (Sunday)

Chance for snow at DIA: 2%

Cold front number 1 will have at least a slight for precipitation in Colorado as it moves in on Sunday. It's just the bottom end of a weak trough so there will be a very low chance for Denver to get snow accumulation out of it. 

A few spots in Wyoming may pick up a couple inches. The northern Colorado mountains could get 1 or 2 inches. But accumulation will likely be very light on the Front Range, even up to the north near Ft. Collins. 

There may be a few showers in the vicinity of DIA, but probably a mix at best despite some pretty cold temperatures inbound. The cold will likely not make it in time for snow accumulation. 

It will set the stage for the next system though. Will cooler air in place, there will be less work for the next one to do. 

DEC. 6-7 (Mon-Tue)

Chance for snow at DIA: 20%

Cold front number 2 will have a little bit more bite to it, possibly starting Monday morning out in the teens in Denver. That will give us a shot later that night, or Tuesday morning.

First the storm will start impacting the mountains before noon on Monday. Could get 2-4 inches of snow on some of the passes by the end of the day. Then a little additional snow will come on Tuesday. 

This does not appear to have enough in the tank for the National Weather Service in Boulder to issue the first Winter Storm Warning of the season. Probably just an advisory. 

It looks like sometime late Monday night into Tuesday morning, Denver will get a shot at some snow accumulation. The computer models are showing less than an inch, but if just a tenth of an inch falls in the right spot (DIA), that will do the trick. 

This is not a great scenario for Denver snow though, so there is still a good chance that the snowless streak will continue on, at least for a few more days. 

DEC. 8-9 (Wed-Thu)

Chance for snow at DIA: 5%

Cold front number 3 is being shown as a quick one in the modeling at the moment, but with the temps already primed a bit, this could even sneak in a wave of accumulating snow in the metro area.

It could also provide some brief but potent snow showers in parts of the mountains. 

DEC. 10-11 (Fri-Sat)

Chance for snow at DIA: 10%

Cold front number 4 is really showing the best potential out of all the systems. It makes sense on paper because the models are showing high pressure shifting off the the west, which would help pull down some of the coldest air from the north. 

The models have been fooled several times already this season though, so I wouldn't place any bets just yet. Still more than 7 days away.

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