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Wait, what? It snowed in Denver on Wednesday, but it didn't...officially

There's a big difference between flakes in the sky and accumulating snowfall, as Denver found out on Wednesday.

DENVER — On Wednesday morning, excited Denverites took their phones out to record proof that yes, indeed, it can still snow in Denver.

Unfortunately, those tiny little flakes falling from the sky didn't count as it having officially snowed. 

No, your eyes didn't deceive you – it did snow in Denver on Wednesday. In fact, it snowed a tiny bit out near Denver International Airport (DIA), home to the city's official climate site.

But, it didn't officially count.

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While snowflakes flew across metro area skies, they didn't accumulate at DIA or anywhere across the city. All Denver witnessed on Wednesday, at least in the city proper, was a few flakes fluttering across gray skies.

In order for it to have officially snowed in Denver, at least a tenth of an inch of snow needs to be measured at DIA. Otherwise, it doesn't technically count.

So Denver's snowless streak lives on, despite the fact that there were a few flakes across the city on Wednesday.

The forecast doesn't have anything particularly promising over the next week-plus. Temperatures will soar into the 50s and 60s for the foreseeable future, starting on Thanksgiving. 

In addition, it'll stay dry through the next week-plus, reducing our chances for snow down to basically zero.

Credit: KUSA

So, while Wednesday produced a few flakes, Denver's official snow-less streak continues. And it doesn't look like the snow-streak to snap anytime soon.

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