It may be cold outside, but you'll want to check out tonight's Supermoon/Wolf Moon. It will be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2018.

The first full moon in January is also called the Wolf Moon. Tonight's Supermoon will appear 6 percent bigger and 14 percent brighter than the average full moon.

NASA sent out a series of tweets Monday morning describing the phenomenon.

High clouds and a few flurries in the forecast for Denver may block our view for a short while.However, you should still be able to see the Supermoon before the it sets tomorrow morning at 7:42 a.m.The Supermoon is not the only celestial event occurring this week.You can check out the Quadrantid Meteor Shower overnight on Jan. 3 and 4.Unfortunately, the meteor shower comes just after the supermoon. The moon's bright light will likely outshine many of the brightest Quadrantids.If you still want to try and see the annual event, head to a place that is away from city lights Wednesday night.No special equipment is needed, your eyes are enough to see the shooting stars overhead.Another Supermoon is on the calendar for Jan. 31, 2018.While that full moon will not be as close to earth in its orbit as the one we will see tonight, it will coincide with a lunar eclipse! What a great month to be a star gazer!