Monday afternoon’s severe storm may have left you with shattered car windows and a damaged roof.

We talked to Carole Walker with the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association about what you should do next as you work to make repairs.

What’s the first thing you need to do?

Walker says to start by documenting everything. Get out your phone and take photos of the damage.

Next, get in touch with your insurance agent to get the claims process rolling. This was a big storm, so be patient: they’ll be dealing with a lot of people like you.

She says serious losses take priority in the claims process, but that companies will likely throw extra resources at the storm.

As you make repairs, she adds to hold onto your receipts. You should get reimbursed later.

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How do they prioritize what gets fixed first?

Storm damage isn’t new to Colorado, so Walker says insurance companies know what they’re doing after something big hits.

Many will set up drive-up claim centers.

Since more severe weather is possible on Tuesday, Walker says companies will prioritize places that need repairs the most (think buildings with damaged skylights).

Above all else, Walker says be patient.

What if you just have a little bit of hail damage – can you wait?

A lot of times, if it’s just cosmetic, Walker says there’s nothing wrong with waiting a few days.

Nevertheless, report any damage.

After this storm, Walker says we may see lots of totaled vehicles – which could cause issues getting a rental.

Also, it’s scam season – so vet anyone who offers to make repairs.

Also, coordinate with your insurance company going forward.

For more tips, go to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association website here: