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Snow Blog: Mountain snow Saturday, flurries on the Front Range

Low impact winter storm Saturday
Credit: KUSA
Snow totals from Friday night to Sunday night

DENVER — Just when we thought there wasn't going to be a winter in Colorado this season, February delivered. Mountain snowpack entered the month with low snowpack at the headwaters of our major river systems, but February snow filled in those areas, and Colorado is now only about 10% below average. 

Denver entered the month without a single temperature in the negatives. Then the polar vortex spilled over just before Valentines Day weekend, and dropped the Mile High city into 5 straight days of negatives. 

And another poor snow season for Denver was also lurking. Coming into February, there wasn't a single storm that brought more than 6 inches of snow. Then a little upslope mayhem ensued over the metro on Thursday, and DIA registered 9.6 inches. 

It turned out to be the big one that we've all been waiting patiently for. Many parts of the metro made the one foot club, and it was the biggest storm for Denver since the 9.5 incher in November of 2019. 

Now Denver is only about an inch below average, while most of the other stations in the metro are only about 1-5 inches below average. 

Thursday's storm had to over perform a wee bit to get us there. Every upslope storm usually has a spot that busts over forecast, but I don't think I've seen that one area be the entire Denver metro with 3 million people impacted, but that's how that went down. 

Can't remember the last time DIA beat all foothills locations in an upslope storm either, but it did end up being a pretty non-traditional upslope storm dominated by banding. 

More winter is hopefully to come, although many of you probably have had your fill now. This snow blog watches snow chances develop in the computer forecast models. 

Feb. 26-28 (Fri-Sun)

A long lasting winter system will impact Colorado this weekend. The snow has already started up in the mountains late Friday evening and there is a winter weather advisory posted for the Park Range down to Rabbit Ears Pass for a possible 4-8 inches of snow. 

Steamboat Springs is not included but there could end up being 1-4 inches there.

Most of the totals for the central mountains will be in the 2-4 range. The southern mountains won't see much action until Sunday when they could get their 1-4.

Credit: KUSA
Snow totals from Friday night to Sunday night

There will be an attempt for snow showers to make it down onto the Front Range Saturday morning from about 4am to noon. Most likely there will just be a few flurries covering about 10% of the area. Snow accumulation is unlikely but one model does show a slight dusting for parts of the metro. 



Mar. 3-4 (Wed-Thu)

Then the next system will move though starting Wednesday night. This one will favor the southern mountains, but could have some light impacts to the Front Range especially on the Palmer Divide. 

So far no snow accumulation is being shown for Denver.



Mar. 7-8

Another small system is being shown by the next weekend, but with only some light mountain impacts.


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