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Here's where to go to escape our smoky skies

We've got a day-by-day tracker of the best places to go to escape the lousy air quality.

DENVER — At this point, you've probably had enough of Denver's and Colorado's seemingly endless summer of haze and wildfire smoke.

But the good news is you don't have to go too far to escape the haze and smoke.

Generally speaking, the further south you go, the more likely you are to get away from the worst of the wildfire smoke that's plagued Colorado over the last few days.

And by the way, for some of our Olympics athletes coming back to Colorado, you might want to read up here to get a better idea about where you can train to avoid the worst of the smoke! 

Here's some detail, though, about where you might want to head if you're looking to escape the smoky and hazy skies: 


The smoke will probably be thickest on Tuesday for most of Colorado, especially from Interstate 70 on north.

Your best bet will be to drive south toward or into New Mexico to avoid the worst of the smoke, though things should improve gradually as you drive south out of Colorado Springs. 

Areas along and north of I-70 will probably deal with bouts of thick smoke all day long.


The smoke should be a bit lighter on Wednesday across the state, especially during the back half of the day. 

Once again, places like New Mexico and, later in the day, Wyoming might be better to seek refuge from the smoke. Smoke will gradually push south during the day, meaning Wyoming may be a bit better off by later Wednesday and into Thursday morning.

Credit: Alex Kirk


The smoke should lessen a bit, particularly if we're able to develop a few monsoonal showers and storms during the second half of the day. 

The best chances for a shower or storm - and therefore better air quality - will likely lie in eastern Colorado (it might be Denver's 'best' air quality day since Friday) and the San Juan Mountains in the southwest corner of the state.  

Again, generally speaking, air quality will probably be a bit better the further south you go.


This'll probably depend on two things: 1) How much smoke comes from the Pacific Northwest over the next few days and 2) How widespread will this weekend's showers and storms be?

If the Northwest smoke is on the lower side, this upcoming weekend should feature noticeably better smoke conditions than most of this week. But, it's going to be hot and dry there much of this week, so you might want to plan on a smoky sky once again, unfortunately.

That would probably mean Arizona, New Mexico and far southern Colorado should once again avoid the worst of the smoke. Again, this is a bit of a wait-and-see scenario, though.

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