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Weld County tornado rated an EF-1

The landspout tornado on Monday received an EF-1 rating from the National Weather Service, with maximum winds estimated at 99 mph.

DENVER — The landspout tornado that touched down Monday in Weld County has received an EF-1 rating, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder.

NWS estimated the tornado's peak sustained winds at 99 mph.

The tornado appeared to track approximately 5 miles as it meandered through southern Weld County, leading to damage to at least six structures and downing power lines in the area.

The tornado was a landspout tornado, or one that forms by colliding wind boundaries and from the ground moving up toward the sky. Traditional tornadoes form at the base of a cloud and move toward the ground.

The tornado touched down about 5 p.m. Monday, tracking near Firestone and Platteville before lifting about 5:30 p.m.

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As of Tuesday afternoon, the exact track length and width of the tornado hadn't been publicly listed by the National Weather Service.

The Enhanced Fujita scale goes from low-to-high, with an EF-0 the lowest rating on the scale and an EF-5 the highest. Landspout tornadoes are usually weaker and shorter-lived, but they are still capable of causing plenty of damage.

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The tornado on Monday was highly visible across much of the metro area, leading to clear images of it taken from dozens of miles away. Much of the northern Denver metro area was able to see the tornado as it slowly pushed through the affected area.

Credit: Ali
Credit: Ali

The tornado produced significant damage to at least six structures; however, no injuries were reported.

Credit: SKY9