Olde Town Arvada has a new restaurant that serves sweet nostalgia one bowl at a time.

The Cereal Box officially opened Monday, after a soft opening for friends and family over the weekend.

The main dish for every meal here is cereal, and mostly the candy-colored, super-sugary kind.

They stock 120 boxes from around the world. You just pick your bowl size, your cereal, your milk and your toppings, like cookies and whipped cream.

This isn't your standard breakfast. (Photo: 9NEWS)

"People just need a place to come and have a good time right now,” said The Cereal Box owner Michael Emmerson. “And it's nothing serious. We know what we sell. We sell cereal and milk. And it's fun. Either you like it or you don't. And I just wanted to do something for my children and my family."

It's kind of like a candy store or an ice cream shop. There are also cereal milkshakes, coffee, cartoons and toys for sale.

A best-seller right now seems to be a mixture the shop calls unicorn poop - you'll have to check it out when you go there.

The immensely colorful sign inside the restaurant. (Photo: 9NEWS)