Late Wednesday night, Volunteer Firefighter Jeremy Swanson got the call and hustled over to a house on fire near Conifer.

"When we were pulling up, we saw the garage fully involved and I'll be honest, I was a little scared at first," Swanson said.

Swanson is with Inter-Canyon Fire Protection who responded to help the Elk Creek Fire Department. Swanson and his crew were searching the house for any signs of life. He found one.

"Initially, you can tell the dog was very scared and did not know what was going on, but when we showed up, he practically fell into our arms," Swanson said. "That dog was I would say about the weight of a small person."

He carried the big dog out to his owner Rick Stone.

"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it that he brought him out cause I didn't realize he had gone back in," Stone said.

Stone says his 10-year-old dog Chuck must have returned to the house because he was scared with all the commotion.

"It was his safe place, you know," Stone said. "It was his spot and that's where he felt safe."

Stone can't believe he survived being in the smoke-filled house.

"I can't imagine being able to find him," Stone said. "I'm sure the smoke was just crazy smoke."

Swanson says what he did is just all part of the job.

"If there's an animal and they're alive, we're going to try our best to try to get them out of there," Swanson said.

Stone may have lost his home temporarily, but at least he has his dog.

"I'm very grateful. This dog means a lot to me," Stone said. "He means a lot to our family."