The man accused of performing an illegal amateur medical procedure to remove a transgender woman's testicles could spend years in prison.

However the victim says she doesn't want the district attorney to press charges.

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9NEWS spoke to the woman's attorney Wednesday. He says the woman feels it was an act of compassion.

"She believes that he should not be charged because he was performing the procedure because she asked him to. She begged him to. She was desperate and she sees him as being very compassionate," David Beller said.

57-year-old pilot James Pennington is charged with second degree assault and unauthorized practice of medicine.

The victim's attorney said it's the DA's decision to press charges even if the victim doesn't agree.

The procedure is legal in Colorado when done by a licensed physician.

The victim's attorney says many transgender people do not pursue that option because of the high cost and lack of insurance coverage.

He says his client sees the procedure as mentally beneficial and she is physically recovering.

She recently sent 9NEWS a letter explaining her position on the issue.